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Hearing aids 'improve quality of life' and 'empower people'

12 Dec 2011

Hearing aids 'improve quality of life' and 'empower people', says study


Today's state-of-the-art hearing aids have been found to enhance the lives of people with hearing loss as well as improving their level of hearing, according to new research. Indeed, technologically-advanced and sleekly-designed hearing aid options have been found to improve users' quality of life, giving them a new-found sense of empowerment.

In a comprehensive study of more than 2,000 hearing aid users by the Better Hearing Institute (BHI), published September 4th, 14 specific 'quality-of-life issues' were examined. The data showed that eight out of ten users were satisfied with the developments in their daily lives that were brought about by hearing aids.

Around 70 per cent of all respondents said they experienced an improvement in the ability to communicate as a result of their hearing aid, and more than half said they found improvements in their 'relationships at home, their social life, and their ability to join in groups. Meanwhile, around 40 per cent felt a better 'sense of safety, self-confidence, feelings about self, sense of independence, and work relationships'.

It is hoped that these findings will encourage individuals who think they may be suffering from hearing loss, but have been put off from seeking help as a result of misconceptions about hearing aids in the past, to come forward and get support.

Dr Sergei Kochkin, BHI's executive director, said: "This survey clearly reveals how dramatically people's lives can improve with the use of hearing aids.

"[We] found that today's hearing aids are a tremendous asset to people with even mild hearing loss who want to remain active and socially engaged throughout their lives."

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