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Red Umbrella Day at Amplifon in Cardiff

23 Aug 2011

The Amplifon branch in Cardiff had some very unusual visitors...

Red Umbrella Day at Amplifon in Cardiff

...a group of Chinese Professors of Otolaryngology and Audiologists! They were on a visit to the UK arranged by Dr Fei Zhao of the University of Bristol and, whilst they were here, they wanted to visit a modern and well equipped Hearing Care Centre... ...Amplifon in Cardiff was the choice!

Last year, Barry Downes, Amplifon's Professional Services Manager, was invited by Dr Zhao to visit China as part of an ongoing project to encourage closer links between Audiology and ENT professionals in the UK and China. 

Our eminent and enthusiastic visitors from China certainly enjoyed their time at the Amplifon branch in Cardiff.  Lyndon Williams, Branch Manager, and his staff were very good hosts to our Chinese visitors who, in spite of some language problems, asked nearly as many questions as they took photographs!

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