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Soap Star Attends Christmas Carol Signing Fundraiser

30 Jan 2012

Eastenders actress Rita Simons joined in with signing in December at a Christmas carol concert in Camden by the United Response Deaf Choir, which she attended with her deaf daughter, Maiya.


The carol service was interpreted with British Sign Language and was held to fundraise for the charity Action on Hearing Loss (AoHL, previously RNID).

Rita and Maiya enjoyed the carols and the whole audience was given the opportunity to learn how to sign along to the song 'Winter Wonderland'. Simons commented: "I attended the concert as I'm a big supporter of AoHL, a charity close to my heart. Everyone was able to join in, including Maiya, as the carols were sung and signed. It was lovely!"

The Mayor of Camden, Abdul Quadir, chose AoHL as his Charity of 2011 and worked with the charity to benefit over 15% of the people in Camden who live with hearing loss.

Jackie Ballard, AoHL chief executive, says: "We are grateful to the Mayor of Camden's support for Action on Hearing Loss. Christmas can be an isolating time and events like the Mayor's carol service help make it inclusive for everyone."

If you think you may have a hearing loss why not take our online hearing check questionnaire or make an appointment to have a free hearing test at your nearest Amplifon branch.

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